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FVTC FAQs & Committee Structure 2014

Published Date: 5/22/2014

Who Are We?

Corporate Background:

• The Farmington Valley Trails Council. Inc. is a CT 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization founded in 1992 by Preston Reed of Farmington (who passed away in December of 2013) to advocate for multi-use “rails-to-trails” in the Farmington Valley.
• We are now the largest such organization in New England with 1,300 total members. We fully recognize that the political advocacy and economic strength of the organization stem directly from the vibrancy of our membership.

• Every cent (except our very low administration costs) goes to the trails, we are all volunteers.
• Spending on construction, maintenance and amenities has averaged over $43,000 a year over the last 5 years.

Officers 2014-15:

Bruce Donald, President, Farmington

Jim Cassidy, Vice President, Plainville

Steve Noble, Treasurer, Tariffville

Mary-Jane Gately, Secretary, Avon


Nancy Anstey, Avon, Steve Cole, Plainville, Barbara Collins, West Hartford, Joy Himmelfarb, Simsbury, Gary Miller, Canton, Scott Myrick, West Hartford, Susan Mitchell, Simsbury, Rich Rowlenson, Avon, Al Ryan, Suffield, Dwight Weed, West Hartford.

What Do We Do?

Broad Corporate Activity:

  • Advocate for the completion of (1) the FCHT (2) the FRT and (3) the ECG in Connecticut.

  • Promote the benefits of this multi-use trail system as the 82-mile Farmington Canal Heritage

    Trail and the 30-mile Farmington River (Loop) Trail.

  • Help our area towns through funding trail construction, enhancements and maintenance.

  • Build alliances with federal, State, town and advocacy organizations.

  • Educate the public by providing maps (10,000 a year), information and events that promote

    safety and proper etiquette on the trail system.

  • Provide up-to-date information on a high quality Website and through timely

    communications such as a Newsletter and email list.

  • Publish papers on trail advocacy, policy, maintenance and safety.

  • Hold events like Fun Rides, Trailside Tables and our annual Clean-Up Day in April.

  • Our Adopt-a-Trail Program helps our eight towns keep the trail clean and safe with over 80


  • Increase membership and volunteer coordination, renewal and retention.

  • Manage FVTC activities requiring assistance from members/volunteers.

  • Business Plan: Decentralize authority by strengthening FVTC Committee structures. 

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