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Welcome to the FVTC!

The Farmington Valley Trails Council is sponsoring a bike ride every month from April to October. Check our EVENTS page for dates and details.

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Please join us for our first Member Appreciation Ride and Cookout to be held on Saturday, August 22, 2015 at Tunxis Meade in Farmington. (Rain date: August 23).  

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Q: Why Become a Member of the Farmington Valley Trails Council?

A: To connect people and communities? improving our world?


Who Are We?

  • The Farmington Valley Trails Council. Inc. is a CT 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation founded in 1992 to advocate for multi-use "rails-to-trails" in central Connecticut.
  • The Board of Directors comes from many different towns and backgrounds, our President, Bruce Donald, has held that position for 9 years, and has been appointed Chairman of the Connecticut Greenways Council and Chair of the CT Committee of the East Coast Greenway Alliance.
  • The political advocacy and economic strength of our organization stem directly from the vibrancy of our membership.
  • Our Adopt-a-Trail Program helps eight towns keep the trail clean and safe with over 100 volunteers.
  • The FVTC Trail Ambassador Program and other initiatives such as our Clean-Up Day every April, and trailside tables attract hundreds of volunteers.
  • We have very low administration costs. 94% of every dollar goes to the trails.
  • FVTC grants for construction, maintenance and trail amenities have averaged over $38,000 a year over the last 6 years.

What Do We Do?

  • We work tirelessly to "close the gaps" in the 80-mile Farmington Canal Heritage Trail, the 26-mile Farmington River Trail, and the designated East Coast Greenway system.
  • Promotion of the benefits of this multi-use trail system, branded as a linear park from New Haven to Northampton as one of the premier such facilities in the United States.
  • The FVTC Maintenance Fund helps our area towns fund trail construction, enhancements and ongoing maintenance.
  • Building alliances with federal, State, town and like-minded organizations is a key component of our advocacy. We sit on multiple boards and speak at events across the eastern U.S.
  • We educate the public by providing 10,000 folding maps a year, as well as events that promote safety and proper etiquette on the trail system. An updated Trail Guide will be published soon.
  • We provide up-to-date information on our high quality Website and through timely communications such as Newsletters and emails.
  • We publish papers on trail advocacy, policy, maintenance and safety.
  • We give out thousands of free handlebar bells and blinkies to promote trail safety.
  • Our Laser Counter Program accurately counts usage on the trail system and provides detailed, reliable data for not only the FVTC but CTDOT, DEEP and others.
  • Our Unified Design Policy dictates our grants for rules and etiquette signage, information kiosks, benches, and initiatives such as painted center lines and commercial signage.

Why Do We Do It?

  • To provide a safe, off-road, ADA-compliant trail system that allows free "alternative" recreation and travel from point to point in a uniquely beautiful setting.
  • Every dollar spent building multi-use trails returns a multiple of that yearly.
  • They are immediate successes when built, indicating heavy demand, and they attract thousands of users. Over 250,000 in just the Farmington Valley in 2013 alone!
  • All those local and out of town users add significantly to community economic development.
  • Residents are overwhelmingly positive about them, communities that have them are more desirable, and properties near trails sell faster at higher prices.
  • These repurposed corridors are retained permanently as improved open space.







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