The FVTC is always looking for volunteers for a variety of projects. Please call us at 860-202-3928, fill in this form, or email us at info@fvgreenway.org  


Volunteer Opportunities

The Safety and Education Committee of the Farmington Valley Trails Council is looking for Trail Council members interested in developing programs to encourage the safe and responsible use of the Farmington Canal Trail and the Farmington River Trail and to enhance the trail experience for all users.

Current projects include examining polite ways to encourage the use of helmets, educating the public on proper trail etiquette, placing the names of intersecting streets on the trail and signs to encourage courteous riding, skating, running and walking.

The education sub-committee seeks to develop a plan to post markers along the trails to illuminate the rich history of the Farmington Canal and the railroads along whose right of way to trail has been built.

Interested parties should contact Matt Graeber at volunteer@fvgreenway.org.

 Adopt-a-Trail Volunteers 


  • Bob Fish
  • The Bortoff Family
  • Patrick Kral
  • The Tsaycoyeanes Family
  • David Beizer
  • The Goldberg Family 
  • Mary-Jane Gately, Coordinator


  • Diane and Steve Nelson
  • Boy Scout Cub Pack 37, Richard Scalzo, Leader
  • Junior Women’s Club, Sue Johnson, President
  • Unionville Village Improvement Assoc., Michael Festa, Trail Liaison 
  • Union School PTO, Kerry Laberge, Chair


  • Joe Orosz
  • Dick Siegrist
  • Ed Cox
  • Gil Anderson
  • Gail and David Westcott
  • Linda and Bill Terry
  • Lynda and Bill Cook
  • Larry Linonis
  • Civitan Club, Herb Salch, President
  • Art Hurst
  • Roger Preston
  • Steve Noble, Coordinator

E. Granby/Granby/Suffield

  • Gerry Palmer
  • Becky Mikus 
  • Chris Root
  • Ron Duncan
  • Kelly Berry
  • Maryanne Krajcik & Jim Devoe 
  • Westminster School Eco Team, Mark de Kanter, Coordinator
  • Mark deKanter
  • Stephen Estee
  • Ron Carlson
  • Jerry Ledger, Coordinator


  • Healthy Gears, Glenn Kohrs, Coordinator
  • Sheryl Plourde
  • Duncan Somerville
  • Jim Fitzpatrick
  • Jeff Martin
  • Fran Raymond
  • Lisa Day
  • Bruce Larouche
  • Deb Swanson
  • Johnathan Hale & Volunteers
  • Gary Miller, Coordinator

Kiosk Volunteers

  • Stephen Estee, Route 20, East Granby
  • Sharon & Pat Davies, Route 315, Simsbury and Iron Horse Boulevard, Simsbury
  • Jeffrey Downes, Commuter Parking Lot, Weatogue
  • Terri Wilson, Sperry Park, Avon
  • Rich Rowlenson, Brickyard Rd, Farmington
  • Gary Miller, Route 4 pavilion, Farmington
  • Mike Beatty, New Britain Ave. parking lot, Unionville
  • Jennifer Decker, Oakridge Drive, Farmington
  • Matt Graeber, Rt 4, Burlington

  Trail Memorials Volunteers 

  • North of Simsbury - Al Ryan
  • Simsbury, Avon, Farmington, Burlington - Mike Festa
  • Canton - Gary Miller
  • Memorials Database - Jerry Ledger; Mary-Jane Gately

Committee Volunteers

  • Membership Committee
    • Gary Miller, Chair
    • Karen Carlson
    • Maryanne Krajcik
  • Volunteer Committee
    • Matt Graeber, Chair
    • Donald Svensk



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